Pricing Policy

Pricing and Promotions Policy

From January of 2018.

This pricing and promotions policy contains all the information about our prices, optional marketing programs and promotions.

We will send you a notice by email or a notification on the website of SmartWater Academy Before any substantial change in this pricing and promotions policy occurs. If you have any questions about this policy, you can send an email to our support team.

All the terms used in capital letters and are not otherwise defined here will have the same meaning attributed to them in the Terms of Use or in the Instructor Terms and Conditions (“Instructor terms”) of SmartWater Academy. This pricing and promotions policy is subject to the terms and conditions set forth in the Instructor Terms.

Any version of this pricing and promotions policy in a language other than the Spanish It is facilitated for your comfort. It confirms and accepts therefore that the version in the language Spanish It will prevail if discrepancies exist.


Selection of a PTough base:
As an Instructor, you can Establish Any Base price of your course SmartWater Academy. To do this, simply access the “price-editing” screen of your Instructor account. From that moment on, students will see the selected price, unless otherwise adjusted according to the terms of this pricing and promotions policy. Except when a course is offered in mobile applications SmartWater Academy, an instructor will be fully responsible for determining the Base price to be charged for such course, following the instructor’s terms. In the case of courses offered in mobile applications SmartWater Academy, The mobile platform vendor will control and the vendor shall select the price per level that is close to the course price set by the Instructor. Please note that currency conversion on mobile platforms is controlled by Those Platforms, so the course price may be different from the price level you selected.

Currencies on mobile devices

Regardless of what was previously stipulated, the mobile application of SmartWater Academy Supports all currencies offered by mobile platform vendors (such as Apple and Google). You can view the currency used and the amount paid by a student to purchase a course by accessing “your income” for each purchase in your instructor Income report.

Income and tax distribution

SmartWater Academy, I We’ll enter your account A fifty Percent (50 %) of the net amount received for their course minus the applicable deductions, such as reimbursements to students (“standard income distribution”).

SmartWater Academy Make all payments to instructors in USD regardless of the currency used by the student to make the transaction. SmartWater Academy You will assume all transaction processing charges, except currency conversions.

If the country from which the student buys the course requires that SmartWater Academy Forward the value Added tax (VAT) or the tax on goods and services, we will deduct the amount of the sales price tax of the course when calculating the net amount. The net amount will be divided between SmartWater Academy and instructors according to the applicable revenue-sharing model.

The countries that apply VAT or the tax on goods and services are currently all those belonging to the European Union (EU), the United Kingdom, South Korea, Japan, New Zealand and Australia, but SmartWater Academy reserves the right to add more countries to this list as needed.

When appropriate, SmartWater Academy You will collect and pay the European Union’s taxes on purchases made on the website. In the case of purchases made from the mobile application, the collectors and pay the European Union tax are Apple and Google, respectively.

Income Report

Your income report will show the local sales price (in the local currency) and the exchange rates applied:

You can view the additional information by clicking on a specific transaction.

Note: The appearance of the box can be modified with platform updates


Coupons Created by the instructor

As an Instructor, you can increase your sales by promoting your courses by using a coupon code (“coupon code”) that you have created in SmartWater Academy Following
the instructions specified.
Using coupon codes allows you to apply any percentage discount to your courses as long as the course sales price is not below 10 USD approximately. You can also offer your courses completely free, ie with a discount of 100% on the Base price. Please note that the discount applied may be slightly higher due to rounding and currency conversion. Regardless of the above, you can issue coupon codes that allow users to take the course for free

As an Instructor, you should keep in mind that the currency the students see in the services may be different from the currency you used when creating the course. However, the coupon will also serve and give a promotional discount on any of the currencies allowed in SmartWater Academy.

If the country of the student requires that we charge taxes, the prices of the courses have the taxes included in the transaction. When an Instructor consults this Transaction in the

income report, the income distribution is calculated based on the price the student paid less taxes.

This policy may be updated occasionally.