Cookie Policy

Cookie Policy

This cookie policy was last updated on the 15th of May Of 2018

What are cookies?

Cookies are small text files that the browser stores when browsing the Internet. They can be used to collect, store, and share data about the user’s activities on websites, including SmartWater. Cookies also allow us to remember things about the user’s visits to SmartWater Academy, such as the language of preference, and facilitate the use of the site.

We use session cookies, which expire after a short period of time or when closing the browser, and persistent cookies, which remain stored in the browser for a defined period of time. We use session cookies to identify the user during a single browsing session, such as when you log in to SmartWater Academy. We use persistent cookies when we need to identify the User for a longer period, such as by requesting that we keep the user logged on.

Why does SmartWater Academy use cookies and similar technology?

We use cookies and similar technologies, such as web signage, pixel tags or local shared objects (“Flash cookies”) to provide, evaluate and improve our services in a variety of ways. We use these cookies when the user visits our site and services through a browser and through our mobile application. Since we adopt other technologies, we will also be able to collect additional data through other methods.

We use cookies with the following objectives:

Authentication and security
  • To start the user's session in SmartWater Academy
  • To protect the security of the user
  • To help detect and fight spam, misuse and other activities that violate the agreements of SmartWater

For example, cookies help authenticate user access to SmartWater Academy and to prevent unauthorized parties from accessing the user’s accounts.

  • To remember browser data and user preferences
  • To remember the user settings and other decisions you have taken

For example, cookies help us remember the language of preference or the country in which the user is located, so that we can provide content in your preferred language without having to ask each time you make visits.

Analysis and research
  • To help us improve and understand the use that people make of SmartWater Academy

For example, cookies help us to test different versions of SmartWater Academy To see what features or content users prefer, Web signage helps us determine which e-mail messages are open and cookies help us see how the user interacts with SmartWater Academy, like the links you click on

We also work with a number of analysis partners, such as Google Analytics and Mixpanel, which use cookies and similar technologies to help us analyze how users use services, for example, by annotation of the sites that the user comes from. Such service providers may collect these data on their own or we may divulgárselos.

The user can exclude some of these services through tools such as the Google Browser Disable Add-on Analytics and the Excluding cookies from Hotjar.

Custom Content
  • To customize SmartWater Academy With more relevant content

For example, cookies help us to show a personalized list of recommended courses on the home page.

  • To provide the user with more relevant publicity.

For more information on specific advertising cookies and how they can be excluded, the user can visit, or if it is in the European Union, the user can visit the Site Your Online Choices.

The user must take into account What If the advertising technology is integrated into the services, the user can continue to receive publicity on other websites and applications, but it will not be adapted to their interests.

When using mobile applications, the user can also receive custom advertisements in the applications. Apple IOS, Android OS, and Microsoft Windows provide their own instructions on how to control custom advertising in applications. For other devices and operating systems, the user must review his or her privacy settings or contact the platform operator.

What are my privacy options?

The user has a number of options to control or limit the way that we and our partners use cookies:

  • Most browsers accept cookies automatically, but you can change the browser settings to reject cookies by querying the browser’s help articles. If the user chooses to reject cookies, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to log on, personalize, or use some interactive services features.
  • Flash cookies work differently from browser cookies, so browser cookie management tools may not remove them…… For more information on how to manage Flash cookies, the user can view the Flash Cookie Management article and the Site Storage Settings panel of Adobe.
  • In order to obtain information and control the cookies that are used for the personalized advertising of the participating companies, the user can consult the pages of exclusion of the consumer of the Network Advertising Initiative and the Digital Advertising Alliance, or if it is in the European Union, visit the Site Your Online Choices. To exclude advertising displayed on Google Analytics or customize the Google Display Network ads, the user can visit the Google AD Setup Page.
  • For general information on how to manage cookies and how to turn them off, the user can visit

Updates and contact information

Once in a while, we will be able to update this cookie policy. If we do, we will inform the user by posting the policy on our site with a new date of entry into force. If we make any substantial changes, we will take reasonable steps to inform the user in advance of the planned change.

If you have any questions about our use of cookies, email us at